What to bring:


Sunglasses & Sun Screen

Soft soled shoes

Food & Beverage of your choice (Alcohol is allowed)

Cooler for your fish

Camera to photograph all your fish

Appropriate clothing for weather

Valid Illinois fishing license with Lake Michigan Salmon


Any seasickness
medicines necessary

Sport Fishing
Salmon and Trout
or Pleasure Cruises out of Waukegan Harbor, IL
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Caliente Charters Weekly Fishing Report

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Caliente Charters
A Lake Michigan
Fishing Charter
#1 in Illinois

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Chicago, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan,

Fishing, Salmon Fishing, Salmon, Trout,

Steelhead, Coho, King Salmon,

Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout



01.  Do I need a fishing license?


Yes, you will need an Illinois Fishing License and a Lake Michigan Salmon Stamp.


02. | Where can I obtain a Fishing License?


At Waukegan Harbor's Harbor House or on the Caliente II boat.

Illinois State Fishing Licenses are available at most sporting goods retailers, and most bait and tackle shops.


03. | What is the maximum number of people per trip?


There can be a maximum of (6) people not including the Captain and Crew.


04. | What happens if the weather is bad?


In case of inclement weather, the captain makes all final decisions on whether or not to charter at that time. If necessary, charters will be rescheduled by the Captain.


05. | How far in advance must I book a trip?


We would prefer at least 2 weeks notice, however, sometimes we have availability on short notice. Give us a call and we will do our best to accomodate you.


06. | Do you require a deposit?


Yes, A $100.00 deposit is required within ten days of your charter.  You can send a check or use a credit card.


07. | Do I have to bring any fishing tackle?


No, all rods, reels and tackle are provided.


08. | Does the boat have a restroom?


Yes, the Caliente' II has a very clean fully equipped restroom.


09. | What type of special equipment does the Captain and Crew use to catch all the big fish?


We use a variety of tools. Water Temperature Indicators, Electronic Depth Sounder, Electronic Fish Locators, Outriggers, Yellow Birds, Loran "C" Radar, Auto Pilot, Electronic Chart Plotters, Radar, and Ship-to-Ship Communications are all used to improve your chances of catching fish.


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