The Caliente II
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Caliente Charters Weekly Fishing Report

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This Luhrs is over 40’ Long and 13' 11'' wide and has all of the latest of state of the art electronics and navigational instruments.

We have all new rods, reels, equipment and the knowledge to use it.

The boat is also equipped with USCG Safety Equipment, because your safety is most important, that is my job. Having fun and not having to worry about anything is yours.

The interior is equipped with heat for the cold windy days and for those blistering hot days we have air conditioning. The boat has a full galley, plush parlor and for your convenience, it also has a beautiful and clean private restroom.


 Chicago Lake Michigan #1 Salmon Fishing Charter

  • Caliente boat interior
  • Caliente boat interior
  • Caliente boat interior
  • Caliente boat interior

A World Class Lake Michigan Fishing Charter